1. Kerri Barnette

    I love them all! But I think you should pick #1 or #4. I think #1 is super cute and unique, but the color of #4 is just so gorgeous!

  2. Melony Smith

    So cool!!! I love #1- it is unique! 💗 Second I would pick #2- it would look gorgeous on you!

    Can’t wait to see 😎 Have fun!

  3. Wow, this is great to know! Never would I have ever thought to rent an outfit. That would be best for me anyways considering that it would probably be the only time I would wear it.
    Ok so 3 and 4! I can’t decide between those two. 👌🏻

  4. Shannon Cairns

    Thanks for the input! Yes, it’s perfect for when you know you’ll never wear it again.

  5. I LOVE number 4!! I’m a sucker for that color anyway, but also love the crochet look! Retro and trendy all in one. 😉

  6. I’d pick 1 or 3. I’ve been thinking about doing rent the runway for an upcoming wedding I’m going to but I am nervous about getting the size right. Maybe I’ll give it another look!

    • Shannon Cairns

      Yes! Read the reviews and look at the pictures that different girls have posted. It really helps pick the right size. Plus the free back up size just in case!

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