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Hi! I’m Shannon.  Thanks for stopping by!

Like most women, I go by many titles; wife, mother, daughter, friend, and also doctor!

I’ve definitely found being a physician and a mom of three littles to be extremely challenging.

Writing and developing a community of other moms has helped me feel like I’m not completely alone in this whole mom process!

I provide helpful mom hacks, fashion, beauty, foot health and business posts.  I hope you enjoy reading along.

My husband and I are both foot and ankle specialists in Texas. We have our own practice, which gives us flexibility, but also a lot of headaches! We love it though, and are enjoying learning about owning a small business, one mistake at a time. 🙂 You can read more about our family in my first blog post.

If you happened upon this page on the hunt for our podiatry office, please visit our practice website for more information.

I love writing and have been featured on A Self Guru, HerPaperRoute, and DFW Child Magazine.

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Happy Reading!

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