Baby Number THREE!

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We are excited to announce that baby number 3 will be joining our busy little family in March!
Dan and I have always dreamt of having a large family, and we are well on our way.

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I am 15 weeks today, and already bumpin’. The mid-section is not very forgiving the 3rd time around. ?

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I’m excited to have the blog this time around, to document our journey, and offer some of my pregnancy must haves and dos along the way!

Here are a few first trimester highlights…

Due date: March 9th

Gender: We will wait to be surprised this time around! (We did this with our first, but found out with our second.)

Name suggestions from big brother: Posey, Jacksie, Chloe (he’s rooting for another sister).

Maternity clothes yet?:  Are there other kinds of clothes?!

Cravings: Taco Bell bean burritos, ketchup, Gardettos…..the main food groups.

Symptoms: I have been extremely sick in the first trimester, which I did not experience (as much) with the first two. I’m looking forward to feeling better, more energy, and healthier living in the next few weeks.

Best moment so far: Telling the kids about the new baby.  Noah was SO excited!  Not sure if Bethany totally understands yet.

Looking forward to: Feeling those sweet baby kicks!

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