Back to (Pre) School + Shoe Picks

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As a working mom, my kids are in “school” or daycare year round, but there’s still something about the reset button of the official first day of school that makes me feel like getting organized, and of course, shopping.

This year, my babies are switching to a new school after being at the same place for 2 years. I have mixed feelings about this! I know it will be a nice change, but I’m so nervous about how they will do with new friends and teachers, and it will be hard to say goodbye to their old friends. I’m sure I’ll be crying and over reacting on their last day (as usual), and the kids will probably transition with ease!

I wanted to share some back to school shoe shopping tips (from a podiatrist mom perspective), and also some cute, foot friendly picks that will have your toddlers back to preschool ready!

When you’re looking for shoes for your baby or toddler, look for a flexible shoe that will encourage baby’s natural muscle and bone development. For older children, over age 5, the arch has already started to develop, so look for a sole that is flexible in the toes, but a bit more supportive and structured beneath the arch.

I’m always happy to answer more specific shoe questions.  Just send me a message, email, or comment below!

Here are some sweet fall styles that fit these guidelines.  For more fun, foot friendly shoes, see my spring shoe post!

one  // two  // three  // four  // five  // six

Those football shoes give me ALL THE FALL FEELS, and they are on super sale right now!  How many days until football season again?! 

Also, I just discovered these amazing nap mats the other day, and ordered them for the babes. I love that they have the blanket and pillow built in. They roll up nice and compact, to be stored in the kids cubby at school, and come in several adorable patterns. We snagged the dinosaurs and mermaids! Hopefully this will make it easier than having to drag in ALL the sheets, blankets, pillows, and whatever stuffed animal is currently trending. I always end up forgetting something, and mommy gets blamed for nap time struggles!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I’ll be shopping the Nordstrom sale, now that it’s open to non-cardholders, and hoping to snag fun fall pieces including some of these amazing faux leather leggings, new booties, and these basic tees in every color!

Happy weekend!

This post may contain affiliate links.  You can read my full disclosure here.

8 thoughts on “Back to (Pre) School + Shoe Picks”

  • Thank you so much for this post! I literally have a cart full of shoe options open as we speak. I’ll definitely apply your tips while choosing the final pair!

  • Thanks for these tips! As a kindergarten teacher, I would also add to look for a shoe that your child can put on by themselves if they are in school. If your child doesn’t know how to tie laces, do not buy lace up shoes (this happens more often than you think!). This also builds their confidence and independence! Your picks are all super cute!

  • That’s smart! I’m sure it’s a pain if you have to keep putting on and tying all the kids’ shoes. My kids take their shoes off so many times during the day! ?

  • We’ve never really put thought into this. And I have to be honest. We’ve paid the price. Blisters, general foot pain.

    Thank you so much for these tips.

  • Super cute picks ! Children’s shoes are so adorable anyways , but it’s great to see a list of ones you recommend for those little growing feet !

  • I love those shoes! My kids feet seem to grow like weeds! He grew out of his shoes overnight and now I need to go shoe shopping. I’ve been a loyal lover of Keens, but I might just have to check these out.

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