1. Thank you so much for this post! I literally have a cart full of shoe options open as we speak. I’ll definitely apply your tips while choosing the final pair!

  2. Thanks for these tips! As a kindergarten teacher, I would also add to look for a shoe that your child can put on by themselves if they are in school. If your child doesn’t know how to tie laces, do not buy lace up shoes (this happens more often than you think!). This also builds their confidence and independence! Your picks are all super cute!

  3. Shannon Cairns

    That’s smart! I’m sure it’s a pain if you have to keep putting on and tying all the kids’ shoes. My kids take their shoes off so many times during the day! ?

  4. We’ve never really put thought into this. And I have to be honest. We’ve paid the price. Blisters, general foot pain.

    Thank you so much for these tips.

  5. Super cute picks ! Children’s shoes are so adorable anyways , but it’s great to see a list of ones you recommend for those little growing feet !

  6. I love those shoes! My kids feet seem to grow like weeds! He grew out of his shoes overnight and now I need to go shoe shopping. I’ve been a loyal lover of Keens, but I might just have to check these out.

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