Our Day Trip to Turner Falls

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On Sunday we took a fun family day trip up to Turner Falls in Davis, OK. I lived in Oklahoma until I was 10, and also went to college there, but until now have never ventured to this gorgeous park.

Let me preface this post by saying that we are not, by any means, the hiking, nature, outdoorsy family type, (unless you count sporting events….or drinking on patios), but we really enjoyed taking the kids out there. Maybe more parks, trails, and campgrounds await us?!

Can we take a moment to appreciate the amount of calories I must have burned, trecking around with the Ergo on the front and the Fawn Design bag on the back?  My legs were burnin’!

Aside from the obvious attraction of swimming and enjoying the beautiful waterfall, the park also offers nature trails, caves, camp sites, and even a historic castle!

Our kids were a little apprehensive at first. The water was chilly, the rocks were slippery, and the terrain was uneven, which definitely left us all feeling a little uneasy.

I could definitely see this being a fun family event once the kids are a little older, a little braver, and better swimmers.

We made quite a few rookie mistakes, like forgetting the stroller ?, not bringing water toys (Noah kept asking “What am I supposed to do in here?! ??), and Dan didn’t have water shoes and practically destroyed his feet on the rocky bottom of the creek.

Overall, we had a great time enjoying a new experience with our family, and can check another fun adventure off of our summer bucket list.

If you decide to load up the fam and head to Turner Falls, keep these tips in mind.

1. Get there right when it opens. The park gets crowded fast, parking becomes an issue, and once they reach capacity they won’t let anyone else in and you have to wait in a long car line.

2. Drive all the way to the back of the park so you can park by the main waterfall. We made the mistake of parking by the front entrance and playing in one of the small creeks at first. By the time we realized the big waterfall was a mile away, the park was packed and there was nowhere to park closer.  We ended up walking for what felt like thousands of miles to finally see the main event!

3. Children under 12 must wear a life jacket at all times in the water. If you forget, you can purchase them for $25, but you are probably better off bringing your own.

4. Plan to be there all day, bring food to grill, cold drinks to enjoy, and a wagon to haul it all around.  We only stayed about 3 hours, but with a little more preparation it could easily be an all day family affair.

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