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I never thought I would join a direct sales company.

In fact, I was always one to roll my eyes at another Facebook post or message from a friend trying to sell something to me.

One day, I saw someone post a live video on their WHY.  This woman was talking about the stigma of direct sales, and mentioned how these women just want more for their family and more for their life.

This really resonated with me.  I had just given birth to my third child and I was struggling with post partum depression.  My stressful career and our financial issues were a huge factor in my mental health struggles.

I have been experimenting with every side hustle I can find in our efforts to pay off our six figure student loan debt, so why not direct sales?!

I decided to give a direct sales company a go, and I came across Ever Skin Care in a Physician Side Gig group on Facebook.

Ever Skin Care Direct Sales Company

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I absolutely love our minimalist makeup and simple skin care regimen.  I was completely neglecting my self after 3 kids.  This makeup and skin care system was something I could actually do to look and feel better, and I knew other busy moms would agree.

So how does this whole Ever Skin Care direct sales company work?

Ever Skin Care Direct Sales Company- Signing Up

Ever Skin Care is still very ground floor.  It’s only in its fourth year and there are still states with zero or only 1 rep.  We just had our annual Beauty Summit, and they released new kit options.

You can find out everything that comes in the kit here:

Ever Skin Care Starter Kit Page

There are now 2 amazing kit options with fantastic value!

Along with your starter kit, you get a 25% off specialist discount.

Effective October 2018, there are NO MINIMUM sales requirements to stay active as a consultant!

Ever Skin Care Direct Sales Company- Commission and Website

Like every direct sales company, you will earn a commission off of each sale you make with Ever Skin Care.  This will range from 20-35% depending on your current specialist rank.

We have an amazing Fast Start program which allows you to earn other big bonuses in your first 3 months as a specialist, helping you reach your income goals quickly.

You will have access to digital marketing tools, so you can do your entire business online if you want!  No need to do home parties, or carry inventory.  Your customers can order straight from your website and have their products shipped straight to them, which makes it possible to sale on fun platforms like Pinterest.

Direct Sales Company- Ever Skin Care

Ever Skin Care Direct Sales Company- Purchasing

Ever Skin Care has the perfect products for you.  You will absolutely love the quality of our Allure Best of Beauty Award winners (Lavish and Reveal), and People Magazine Best New Beauty Products of 2018 (Pretty Young Trio).

You can head here to shop.

Ever Skin Care Direct Sales Company- Perks

Product credits, cute bags, free trips, and now a Mercedes Benz car program…move over pink cadillac!

Ever Skin Care wants you to be successful and get some super cool swag.

I came up with 10 Reasons why it’s more exciting than EVER to join this ground floor skincare business.

  • Quality Products (Physician backed skin care and makeup formula free of harmful and toxic ingredients)
  • Discounted Makeup and Skincare (heck yes!)
  • Monthly Income (Mo’ money, mo’ problems, am i right?!)
  • Become a Leader (Build a team, and encourage other women to do the same).
  • Be the Boss (Decide when and where you will work.)
  • Community and Friendships (Meet cool people with similar goals).
  • Training and Learning (Learn how to run a business, online marketing skills, and sales-these skills are crazy valuable!)
  • Lifestyle (Live the life you want, work from home, or earn extra income to take family vacations or pay off debt.)
  • Flexibility (Work whenever you want on your business!  The more you hustle, the more you get paid!)
  • Ground Floor Opportunity (Skin Care line is still relatively new, and makeup is just over 1 year old!)

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Ever Skin Care Direct Sales Company- Products

I love that the products are good for you, made only with quality, safe ingredients.

I’ve always been a minimalist makeup girl, and when I caught eye of their beauty products I was sold!

What I love the most about EVER, is the focus on great skin being the foundation for your gorgeous makeup, instead of just trying to cover blemishes and signs of aging.

The best part of the EVER skincare and beauty products is the opportunity for me to help my family financially, without having to sacrifice extra time away from my kids.

As a doctor with a very new medical practice, and mountains of student loans, I am grateful for a side gig to help us gain financial security!

The EVER Skin Care regimen consists of 4 simple steps to more youthful and vibrant skin. Good-for-you ingredients and state of the art science come together to make your skin brighter, firmer, and positively glowing in 30 days or less! The secret is in the patent pending LSR10, which fights inflammation, reducing the 10 signs of aging.  As a physician, knowing the science behind the product, is super important to me!

Just look at these amazing before and afters of these gorgeous women that participated in our 30 day skin challenge!

The 4 Step Regimen is simple and effective!  If you have any questions, please contact me anytime.  I love to help women look and feel their best!

Step 1: Cleanse

Melt away daily dirt, oil, and makeup with Luminous for dry/normal and sensitive skin or choose Rebalance for oily, combination, and blemish prone skin.

Step 2: Exfoliate

These Allure Beauty Award winner Biomemetic Reveal pads will sweep away dead, dull surface cells. They leave your skin feeling amazing! I love them!

Step 3: Treat

Stop aging in its tracks with Youthful Quattro Peptide Face and Eye Serum. This super-rejuvenator reduces the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles.

Step 4: Moisturize

Morning or night, defend and age defy your beautiful skin! Use Hydralift Moisture Injection cream for dry or combination skin or use the gel for oily and blemish prone skin. In the morning, apply the Daylight Radiance tinted moisturizer broad spectrum sunscreen. It comes in 6 different sheer coverage shades or clear if you prefer. This multi-tasker hydrates, primes, and protects without chemical sunscreen.

Not sure which of our products are right for you?  Take the skin quiz.

Want to learn more about starting your Ever business?

If you have any questions about everything Ever Skin Care can offer you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  You can also head to the website for more information.