Our Florida Trip & Easter

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We made it back from a wonderful family trip to Florida.  No, not to Disney.  Although, I did have to “side-eye” a lot of people in the Orlando airport for repeatedly asking my 3 year old if we were “going to see Mickey Mouse”.  Shhhhh!  Don’t bring it up!  ha!  Yes, Disney will be coming soon I suppose, but this visit was to go see my husband’s family in Vero Beach.  I’m pretty sure I married in to one of the best families of all time.  I’m NOT biased or anything.  I love that they do a huge family reunion every year.  This year was the 33rd Annual Cairns O’Rourke Family Reunion, and it is such a fun tradition.

We stayed with my mother and father in law at their house in Vero Beach.  The kids had the best time.  I love watching them with their grandparents.  Every moment is so precious.

Our schedule was packed!  There were parks, beaches, splash pads, egg hunts, and my 3 year old even had his first pony ride at the most adorable little farm.  The highlight of the trip was of course, the family reunion and Easter.

Friday night, the kids’ cousins, aunts, and uncles arrived at the house.  I love to have everyone squeezed into one house, on the floor, air mattresses, wherever!  Am I the only one?

Saturday morning was busy getting everyone up and ready to head to the park for the reunion.  Our branch of the family was in charge of hosting the day this year, which is a LOT of work.  My husband organized the games and itinerary (which I know he secretly loves).  He did a great job, and everything turned out perfect.

How much do you love babies in tiny matching t-shirts??

We all headed back to the house sticky and sweaty.  I complained to my husband about how stressful it was wrangling the toddlers at the reunion, and he so lovingly reminded me that the worst was yet to come…getting the kids to sit through church after eating mountains of Easter candy all morning.  OMG.  Not fun.

We made it through church and brunch and everyone went their separate ways.  It always makes me sad to leave family and go back to reality after such a fun week.

Overall, we had the most perfect time.  Plenty of time to catch up with family, and get away from the stress of the office.  The kids definitely had fun, but oh my goodness, getting toddlers off their schedule can really do a number on their attitudes!  Bethany did pretty well.  She would still take her naps, and go with the flow.  But, Noah….age 3….i have no words.  That child, I love him to pieces, but he takes the term “threenager” to a whole new level.  Sometimes I feel like I’m a bad parent because I can’t get him to listen, and I wonder where I went wrong?  Then other times, he is the most perfect little angel, and I can’t believe how big his heart is.  The joys of parenting!

The kids are settling back in to their normal routines, and we are already looking forward to the next time we see grandma and grandpa!  My children are very blessed to be loved by so many great people.  I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter weekend!

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  • Man, I had those same fears as a “threenager” parent. So glad we’re on to four and I’m not the only one having those questions. Buckling up for another “threenager” next year. Prep started the day he was born. Haha! Love your blog, Shannon! Keep up the good work!

  • Haha! I’m terrified to know what a girl three-nager is like. I guess we will know soon! Thank you for the feedback! I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

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