Life with THREE!

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We are a little over 3 weeks in, to life as the parents of THREE sweet kiddos.  Wow!  What an adjustment it has been! Aside from the fact that we now have 3 kids, I have gone from working full-time, to temporarily staying home with ALL three to save on child care costs.  Noah does still go to his Pre-K class on Tuesdays and Thursdays until the end of May, but this summer will be WILD!

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Before baby 3, I would work until about 3 and pick up the kids from daycare.  My first child was born during residency, so I got a whopping 5 weeks off, and my daughter was born right as we were opening our new practice, so there was a lot of stress, late nights, and bringing her to the office all day!

I love being a podiatrist, but I’ve always wanted the opportunity to stay home with my kids while they are young.  When my husband suggested I take 6 months off after Titus’ birth, I was so excited!

This would be fun, and much easier than the last 2 times when I had to rush back to work, right???

It has not been easy.  Not only am I taking care of a newborn and trying to recover from a C-section, but I also need to entertain a two-year old and extremely energetic and always bored 4-year-old.  To my stay at home mom friends…how do y’all do it?!

Although new and challenging, it’s been mostly great. I love spending time with these kids and feeling like I’m not missing out on anything.  However, my 4-year-old is definitely a piece of work. He doesn’t nap, and hasn’t since age 3. He’s super smart, so I always feel like I need to come up with activities for him.

It’s pretty much Disney movie marathons, YouTube videos, and #momguilt going on at the Cairns household right now.

I have looked up ideas for “quiet boxes” on Pinterest, but that takes a lot of planning, and I downloaded ABC mouse on his tablet so he could practice some school skills which he seems to like so far.

Those of you that stay home with a non napping, preschooler, please let me know how you keep them entertained during all those lengthy nursing sessions and nap times. I would LOVE your help and suggestions!

Overall, it’s been a wonderful (almost 4) weeks with our new little man!  I am looking forward to establishing a routine, and getting more sleep!

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7 thoughts on “Life with THREE!”

  • Best advice is breath and recognize that it’ll be a mess for a bit but it’ll pass and you’ll find your groove. You’ll have guilt but don’t let it weigh you down. The kids will survive and flourish even if not always entertained and challenged. Enjoy staring into the face of that precious little one while he can’t get away and kiss good sleep goodbye for a few years!

  • Way to go mama! I do not know how you do it. I’ve always thought it is harder to stay at home with the kids than to go to work. Literally on Monday mornings when I’m driving to work I feel like I can finally take a breath. How exciting to have some extended time off. Hope you enjoy it. Don’t let the mom guilt get to you…we all have it. I recommend incorporating some type of craft into each day to help entertain Noah. Miss yah.

  • I don’t have any help or suggestions to offer, but I recently had my second one and it is so much harder (totally relate to the #momguilt)! I’m sure nothing compared to 3, but I hope you get more sleep soon! ?

  • I agree, Sometimes I oddly enjoy charting at my desk with a hot cup of coffee! Lol! Yes, I need to get some good crafts lined up, he would love that!

  • Thank you! I guess it’s always hard adding another one, no matter how many! We must just be good at blocking it out. ?

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