Eyelash Extensions or Mascara?

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Mascara is by far my favorite makeup product.  I seriously feel naked without it.  I have tried wearing eyelash extensions, but as a busy mom, it’s just much easier to use a great mascara.  Finding the perfect mascara is a difficult task.  Too clumpy, too flaky, or not enough volume…these are all issues that make mascara fall flat.

Eyelash Extensions vs. Mascara

Eyelash Extensions

My current favorite mascara is Whiplash by EVER Skincare.  It’s made only with good for you ingredients, eliminating over 1300 ingredients banned by the strict EU cosmetic guidelines, so I know it’s safe.  This amazing mascara is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, clinical grade, and gluten free.  It provides more than 8x lash volume after only 3 coats, and the patented brush technology quickly volumizes, separates, and lengthens every lash.  Whiplash stays put all day and is clump, flake, and smudge resistant.

How Much Do Eyelash Extensions Cost?

Eyelash extensions can cost anywhere from $80 to $300 with refills anywhere from $50 to $150, depending on location and frequency of application.

Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It?

Eyelash extensions can definitely give you the length and volume you are looking for, but make sure you are committed to the upkeep and care of your lashes before you dive in.  To keep your eyelash extensions looking great you will need to:

  • Brush your lashes daily
  • Be careful not to touch them often
  • Use only an approved cleanser
  • Avoid oily products near your eyes (such as makeup remover)
  • You may only be able to use certain types of makeup, so check with the brand or your application specialist
  • You will need to reapply every 2-3 weeks which can be costly and time consuming, especially if you’re a busy mama.

Do Lash Extensions Ruin Your Lashes?

If applied correctly, lash extensions can be a safe and effective way to obtain gorgeous, long eyelashes.  If you prefer a less expensive, quick and easy method for longer lashes, keep reading!

Eyelash Extensions vs. Mascara

Tips for Longer Eyelashes without Eyelash Extensions

Choosing a great mascara is, of course, one tip for achieving longer lashes without needing eyelash extensions.  Here are a few more tips to get long, gorgeous eye lashes, and apply your mascara with skill.

  1.  Start at the base of your lashes.  Turn your brush horizontally, and wiggle it from side to side all the way to the tips.  Use this method on your top and bottom lashes.
  2. Allow the first coat to dry, so you can build on it.  Apply the second, and third coat and build out the tips to create more length.
  3. Don’t forget the backside of your top lashes!  Look down and apply a thin coat from the base to tips of the lashes to add a little more color and length (especially if you have blonde lashes).
  4. To avoid clumps (and bacteria) in your mascara, twirl the wand inside the tube, instead of pumping it in and out.

Use these tips to create longer lashes without needing eyelash extensions, and if you’d like to get your hands on some Whiplash, I can help with that too!  Head to my site to purchase, or contact me with questions.

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*This post may contain affiliate links.  Check out my full disclosure here.

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