Our Oklahoma 4th!

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We are off to a great start on our summer bucket list!  My husband was out of town this past weekend, so I packed up the kids for a little Oklahoma road trip.

One of my best friends from college lives up near Tulsa, which is a solid 5 hours away.  I admit, the thought of 5 hours in the car with my two wild ones was frightening, but I was feeling brave and adventurous!

I packed the car with new snacks, toys, and lots of prayers, and hit the road.  I love how excited the kids get about everything!  Noah was counting down for weeks, waiting for this trip.

To break up the drive, we stopped about halfway, to see my sweet Grandma in Durant. We spent the night and took her to breakfast the next morning.  It was great to spend some much needed quality time with her.

We took walks, played bubbles, and the kids ate everything in her fridge.  I know she must have been exhausted after we left, but we don’t get to see her much, so we treasured every second!  I’m excited that we will be seeing her again in two weeks as we celebrate her 85th birthday!

We arrived at our friends’ house on Saturday afternoon, and it was non-stop as soon as we walked in! The kids were so cute together, and our older ones remembered each other from when their family visited us earlier this year.

We did ALL. THE. THINGS! Water balloons, pool time, fireworks, movies, playdough and more!

For the adults, my friend made these delicious strawberry margarita popsicles, perfect for back porch sittin’!

We even managed to make it out to a nice dinner with our whole crew!

My kids are obsessed with these pool floaties, and I am too! How cute are they?!

On Sunday morning we squeezed in a trip to the Tulsa Zoo and even hit up Bounce U on Monday, as we headed back home.

We had the cutest little todd-squad!

It was so fun, and equally exhausting, but the kids had a blast and it was worth all the hard work to make it happen!  (It always is!)

The drive back was easy because Noah and Bethany were so tired from the packed weekend! They slept pretty much the whole way. We only stopped once to potty, restock on snacks…and buy pool floaties. ?
I hope everyone had a long, restful weekend, celebrating our Nation’s freedom with family and friends!

Happy 4th of July!

5 thoughts on “Our Oklahoma 4th!”

  • You are so brave. I dont even like driving 20 minutes by myself with 2 kids….haha. Way to go super mama!!

  • Lol! It was surprisingly not bad at all! Next stop Chicago?! Maybe we will fly though!!

  • You are so right! It was a fun, packed, exhausting weekend, but so worth it! I love that they remembered each other too! Thanks again for the visit! Can’t wait to see you all again soon!

    P.s. Glad Noah got his floatie ?!

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