Why You Should Rent the Runway + Help Me Decide!

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We are heading to D.C. next weekend for a wedding, and may even fit in a little sightseeing too! My husband and I have never been, so we are really excited. Yay! Kid free vacay!  We will also see a lot of our friends from podiatry school, which will be fun. We recently saw a lot of our friends in LA for a podiatry wedding. You make amazing friends when you are locked in close corridors studying for hours on end together. Sometimes you even meet your husband ?.

I had a great experience ordering a bridesmaid dress from Rent the Runway, back in March. I was so nervous, but I found a dress that I really liked, and after talking to a few other girls and reading lots of reviews, I went for it!

The process was easy and everything went flawlessly. At first, I thought I would need to do the 8 day rental so I could get my dress delivered to my house, then fly with it, then return it when I got home. Not so. RTR delivered the dress to my hotel on Thursday evening.  Since my 4th rental day was on a Sunday, I was able to wait until Monday by noon to send it back. This saved money and worked out great with my timeline.

A few of the other girls in the wedding also did RTR , (they even have bump friendly styles!). It was so much fun getting our dresses and seeing everything come together. The bride was happy and we were too!

I knew immediately that I would order again! I love the idea of getting to try out expensive designer dresses at a fraction of the cost. I am also more inclined to try out something new and different, that I normally would never wear! If you are nervous about the size and fit, don’t worry because they will send you a second size for free. You can also add a second style for $32.50 if you’re just not sure.

Money saving tip (for Bridesmaids): my friend and I (both in the wedding) added the 2nd style for her, then split the cost between the two of us. Definitely more risky that way, because you have less options, but it worked for us.

Worried about spilling something and ruining the dress?  They cover the dry cleaning upon return, and the $5 included insurance covers most accidents!

Another thing I love about the site, is the reviews. You can look through and find real girls wearing the dress, not models. The site also allows you to put height and weight details and what size worked based on your body type, that way you can look through and find a girl comparable in size and see how it would look on you. This feature really helped me narrow down my options and choose the best fit.

I decided to Rent the Runway again for our upcoming trip, except this time I’m a guest, so I have more options to choose from! It’s a May wedding in DC, and outdoors, so I’m going for a fun springy look! I have narrowed it down to four choices, but it’s so hard to decide. I need your help!

So ladies, since I’m sure most of y’all have way more fashion experience than me, help me decide which dress to wear!

Here are the options…


ONE.This floral dress stuck out to me because of the springy pastels. It’s definitely not something I would normally pick, but after looking through the reviews, it looks so great on everyone. It might be my favorite.



This hot pink number is probably the most like what I would normally wear. I feel like it’s a fun, safe choice. And it has pockets. So there’s that.


I love how classy this dress is. And that gorgeous blue color looks so good on everyone!



I picked this one because of that dreamy emerald color. I love the long sleeves and sexy short hem line.


Did I mention that all of these picks are under $50, and retail for well over $200?!

I wish I could wear them all. But Sadly, i only have one body, and one wedding to attend.  I could see myself doing this again for a date night, work event, or holiday party.  It’s so fun to feel like you have an endless closet to choose from.

Leave a comment with which dress you think I should choose! Don’t forget to subscribe in the side bar, and follow me on instagram.  I will be posting pictures and instagram stories throughout our trip!  Can’t wait to share which one I wear, and what I’m sure will be another fun RTR experience!

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