1. Whitney

    And we can’t wait to see you! Great summer goals. I’m taking note on all these ideas! ?

  2. Natalie Domek

    Great post! Remember when we use to run half marathon… long gone are those days. I havent run since I got pregnant with Abby 4 years ago!

    We also made a a summer to do list which included things like make it to the zoo, go to a water park…ect. They really do help to hold you accountable.

    We also make one at New Years time… just a thought for another blog ☺

  3. Shannon Cairns

    Oh my gosh, we were so good back then! If I tried to run right now, it would not be pretty!! I was thinking something along the lines of a few squats, maybe a crunch or two. haha!!

  4. Even getting up 15 minutes before my kiddo makes a huge difference to me! I’m not productive, though. Haha I just like that time to slowly wake up.

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