Summer Road Trip Fun Continues

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We accomplished another fun summer road trip!  This time we took a little 3 hour trek south to Austin, Texas.  My husband and I have been to Sixth Street before, as well as the University of Texas campus, so this time we focused on kid friendly things to do, and I think we were pretty successful!

Kid Friendly Fun in Austin, TX

We pulled up to our hotel right around dinner time on Friday and checked in, then went over to a fun little restaurant called Hat Creek.  They had a slide there, and a cute little outdoor play area for the kids to enjoy, while we were able to eat our meal in peace…that is until a little kid dropped his pants and took a ? right smack in the middle of the playground. We decided it was probably time to go.  ?
We followed dinner with ice cream, at Amy’s Ice Cream which was equally adorable and fun.

We headed back to the hotel for snuggles and an early bedtime, in order to prepare for our heavily scheduled Saturday.  I love staying in hotels with the kids.  It’s just so fun having everyone together in one tiny room for a couple of days.

On Saturday morning we went to “The Cathedral of Junk“, which is literally an artistic mound of junk in a random guy’s backyard.  You have to call him ahead of time to make an appointment, and he only allows so many people per week, so keep that in mind if you’re planning to go!  You can’t leave a message either, you have to speak to him directly.  He’s very strict. ?  Dan had me call, and he had read all these reviews that said the guy was really mean, so I was scared on the phone, ha!  But I personally thought he was very nice.  Don’t forget your $5 donation per adult!

It turned out to be one of our favorite parts of the trip!  And fabulous photo ops!

(Obsessed with this dress for summer, and have it in every color…seriously.)

From there, we headed to Zilker Park where they have all kinds of fun outdoor activities including a fantastic looking swimming pool.  Our main focus was the miniature train!  It was so fun, scenic, and lasted a good 25 minutes.  The kids loved it, and we found it quite relaxing, even though you wouldn’t know it from their faces in this photo.
It took us an hour to find parking, by the way.  This place was jammed on a Saturday!  It would probably be better to head there early if you’re planning to go.  We didn’t get there until around 11am.

We went back to the hotel to eat and nap, and prepare for the main event of the trip…the bats!

There are 1.5 million Mexican bats living under the Congress bridge in downtown Austin.  I had heard of this before, but I was still skeptical of the whole thing.  Every night at sunset they emerge from the bridge to find food.  It was seriously so cool!  There were people lining the bridge, the surrounding streets, and canoeing and paddle boarding down the river to get the best views.  We took a river cruise that also included a little architecture and history lesson of downtown.  Definitely a highlight for the whole fam!

Sunday morning included a little pool session at the hotel before heading out for church and doughnuts.

Noah is getting so brave in the water and we are really proud of him!

We stayed at Lone Star Court, which I highly recommend!  It was about 20 minutes north of downtown, but it was the cutest hotel I’ve ever seen!  Everything was vintage and adorable!  Definitely would stay there again.  It was also across the street from shopping, restaurants, and live music.  We walked around on Friday night after dinner and really enjoyed the scenery.

(Zebra Romper)

Love all the mint, orange, and yellow, and the rooms had the most adorable mint vintage refrigerators (photos).

We are officially winding down our busy summer, and preparing for Noah’s 4th birthday party next week!  I’ll have lots of fun to share, as we will also have my mother and father in law staying with us for a few days!

I hope everyone is having a happy August!  It’s almost time for fall and football y’all!

This post contains affiliate links.  You can read my full disclosure here.

6 thoughts on “Summer Road Trip Fun Continues”

  • Looks like a fun trip! I cant believe a kid dropped his pants and pooped in a play ground ? Where were his parents?? Happy early birthday to Noah!

  • Shannon..I enjoyed reading this post! You are such a great mom…where do you find the energy! So glad you are our neighbors. .kiddos are so adorable!

  • Lol! Thank you! I really have ZERO energy at all, but luckily my husband is always in GO GO GO mode and keeps us busy! We are very happy to have great new neighbors and friends! ?

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