The 16 Best (and Cutest) Spring Shoes for Your Baby & Toddler

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This post contains affiliate links.  You can read my full disclosure here.

I’m a podiatrist, so if you’re following along, you’re going to get educated about your feet!  🙂  What’s amazing about feet you ask?  Shoes go on them…and who doesn’t love shoes?  Especially tiny, baby shoes, filled with chubby baby toes.  Delicious.

I am extra passionate about kid’s foot care, because I believe a lot of adult foot problems can be prevented early on.  Your child’s arch does not begin to take it’s shape until about age 5, so before then, a flexible shoe with a protective sole is best.  This is to allow for natural movement and development of muscles and bones.  All of these shoes allow for that flexibility, and as a bonus, are adorbs.

Your kids are probably outgrowing their winter shoes, and ready to upgrade to fun spring trends.  Here’s my little list of the 16 best shoes for your baby and toddler.  Most of these picks are even recognized by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Let’s have some fun combining fashion and education, shall we?



These would be so sweet with baby’s Easter dress.


Obvious bonus points if your Easter shoes have actual bunnies on them.


For the little man in your life, these loafers!  There’s just something about dressing baby boys up like little old men.


And these:



Pink & Polka Dot

For girls, a lot of options, a lot of pink.  Do they come in my size?


These perfect little Mary Janes are amazing because they look like tiny ballet shoes.  All the heart eyes!


A little more sturdy, but still pink, and LOVE those polka dots!

Grip N’ Go

My daughter wore this adorable pair of polka dot moccasins, and we loved them!  They go with everything, and if polka dots aren’t your jam, they come in every color you can imagine.  My favorite.

Heirloom Moccs

Freshly Picked also has a new mary jane style that we need to get in every color!  I love their moccs because they can be dressed up or down, they stay on baby feet, and they are scrumptiously adorable!



For your little hipster baby.  How sweet are these little crosshatch slip ons?


The next two are PERFECT for your little track star.

Momo Track


I have to give a shout out to Asics, because our whole family wears them.  How adorable are these toddler animal shoes?  Our 3 year old son has the tiger ones now:


He loves them!  They also have them in alligator, and elephant.  For your baby girls….bunnies!  Again with the Easter theme, because I love holidays, and themes.



We just ordered these baseball Asics for our son, which are new for spring.  Can’t wait to get them!  They also come in soccer, and football, if baseball isn’t your thing.


Finally, for splashing around in those April showers, I absolutely love Hunter boots (for myself, and my littles).  They are great for those rainy spring days and keeping your kid’s feet warm and dry.  They come in many colors and styles.  Just go ahead and take all of my money now!  🙂



Have I inspired you to do some spring shoe shopping for the babes?  What other questions do you have about your kid’s feet?  Leave them in the comments below, and don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on instagram, so you don’t miss my summer shoe list!

Happy Fri-Yay!





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