Flying With Toddlers- Essential Tips and Tricks

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Flying with Toddlers

We are over the moon, excited to be visiting our family in Florida this week! The kids will get to see Grandma and Grandpa, their aunties, uncles, and cousins. It’s going to be such a great time!

We are flying, and while we have flown with the kids several times before, I always get a little lot of anxiety. The flight is 3 hours, which is a LONG time for my children to sit still.  So I thought today I would share our game plan, tips I have acquired from previous flights, and how we are packing our diaper bag to be ready for anything!

I remember being so nervous about our first flight with my son, when he was 2 months old. I was freaking out about him crying the whole time, having to breastfeed in public, or someone making comments…you name it!   Little did I know, that newborns are fairly easy on flights. Give those babies a bottle or boob, and schedule the flight during nap time, and they do pretty well (in my experience). My tiny babe slept the whole time on those first few newborn flights.  Once he became mobile, it was a whole other beast.

Now that my son, Noah, is coming up on 4, I think he will do okay. He follows directions (fairly) well, and the excitement of the airplane ride alone will keep him entertained for a while.
It’s our 17 month old daughter, Bethany, that I’m worried about! That girl is in her wild child stage where she thinks it’s hilarious to bolt at any given second. Just last week at church she was racing through the aisles, laughing loudly as we sped after her (trying not to laugh ourselves). I have visions of having to get up every 3 minutes to chase her down the aisle of the airplane. Help us!

Noah will have his own seat, and Bethany will be a “lap child”, so we will have a row to ourselves. Hopefully we can snuggle them in the center seat and que up the Troll movie on my phone, as they sweetly fall asleep for the duration of the flight. I know I’m probably definitely dreaming!

Ultimately, everything will be fine and we will get through it, but in case you are as anxious as me about traveling with two toddlers, here are my tips and tricks!

Flying with Toddlers Tip 1- Use a Back Pack Diaper Bag.

It’s just much easier to be hands free when you’re running after toddlers in the airport. I tell every expecting mama I know to get a back pack bag.

I’ve got my bag loaded up with hand sanitizer, diapers & wipes, kleenex, cozy sweatshirts, and lots of new goodies for the babes.


Travel Essentials for Flying with Toddlers


Flying with Toddlers Tip 2- Pick Up Some New “Surprises”.

I stopped by the Target dollar spot (AKA…my happy place), and grabbed these cute little play packs and magnet boards. Nothing crazy or expensive, but they are something new to play with, and my babes will love that.

Flying with Toddlers Tip 3- Have ALL the snacks.

It truly amazes me how much my children suddenly eat when we are out and about and have limited supplies. It’s like, omg, we were at the house all day with a pantry full of food, and now I have one bag of cheerios and you’re starving?! Sheesh. I love, Mott’s Applesauce pouches, or “apple sauce squeezies” as my kids call them, for grab and go snacks. We also have these cute little Munchkin containers for cereal and crackers on the go.

Flying with Toddlers Tip 4- Bring Spill Proof Sippy Cups.

Fill with your beverage of choice once you’re through security.  I love these Munchkin 360 cups for our kids. They keep everything nice and contained, which is perfect because you don’t want to be covered in juice or milk for 3 hours in a tight space.

Flying with Toddlers Tip 5- Load Up Your “Approved Electronic Device”.

Our kids are currently obsessing over the movie, Trolls (me too), and when we purchased the disc, it came with a digital download code as well. Bethany is amazed by this movie and LOVES to dance to the songs. I’m hoping this will be the key to keeping her contained for the whole trip! Also, did you know that you can download shows and movies, from Netflix, to your device ahead of time? This way, even if there is no Wi-fi, you can watch your favorite shows.  We will definitely be doing this.

Flying with Toddlers

Flying with Toddlers Tip 6- Go With the Flow.

It’s inevitable that there will be some bumps in our travels with two wrangly toddlers, but once we get there, the fun can begin!  There is nothing like spending time with family, even if it’s sometimes a struggle to get there.  Prepare for everything, allow plenty of time to get to the airport and through security, and then relax and enjoy the time with your littles.

Here’s wishing you happy toddlers, on time flights, and lots of wine at your final destination!

What are your favorite tips for flying with babies or toddlers?  What am I forgetting?!  Leave a comment and don’t forget to subscribe!

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