Two Month Update + Allergic Colitis!

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Titus is 2 months old and growing strong, weighing in at 13.5 lbs and 24 1/4″. He is starting to give us some smiles and coos, and we couldn’t love that chunky little guy more!

Allergic Colitis, 2 month update, monthly milestones

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We also found out that he has allergic colitis!  Basically, he can’t tolerate a protein found in cow’s milk. Since I’m exclusively breastfeeding, I have to completely eliminate all dairy and soy products from my diet. When the doctor told me this, I was like, “okay, cool that’s easy!” Ha! I started reading labels, and almost everything in my pantry has soy lecithin, soybean oil, or soy flour. It’s crazy! I went to make a sandwich for lunch, and realized that even the bread has soy! This will definitely be difficult, but I’m always up for a challenge.

Aside from giving up my 800 gallons of french vanilla coffee creamer, I will definitely be missing ice cream and chocolate! I’m sure there are some dairy and soy free alternatives that are equally delicious…right???

Anyway, I am 100% open to all of your dairy and soy free tips, tricks, and recommendations, so bring them on!

I will keep y’all updated on our progress, and hopefully we will have a much happier, pain-free, smiley baby very soon!

Allergic Colitis, 2 month update, monthly milestones

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***This post may contain affiliate links.  Read my full disclosure here.

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